Sunday, May 28, 2006

Topic #3--"Dream" Entry

Zorana has left us a final entry for "Dream"--very nicely done!!

She says, "I use the word dream very often in my work, but it is always in a very light, romantic or whimsical way. For some reason I've been thinking all week about my own dream... not a very pleasant one and not romantic at all.

Imagine a lovely sunny day. I'm enjoying the blue sky, sun on my face, fragrant grass and flowers beneath my feet. I'm walking to my home - it is always my real home, the big building where I used to live. Suddenly there is no ground where it's supposed to be.... I'm left 'floating', completely out of balance - my feet barely touching the ground, my hands pressed to the building. There is no way that I can get back.... I can only hope for someone to come by and pull me back to safety. And I stay there for a long time.... feeling the strength leaving my arms and getting more and more scared of the big hole under me. I know what to expect and I am scared. At the same time I think how it would be easy for someone to reach and easily pull me back. I often think about that thin line between our 'normal' lifes and disaster. Everything can change in a split second. Scary. There is one more meaning of this dream - I don't like to need help... or ask for help..... or receive it.... but that's another story."