Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Topic #15--"Monochrome" Entry

Welcome to Ian! Thank you so much for your entry--this is just so cool!

He says, "The inspiration comes from a chinese board game I saw being played in the street and, although to my eyes it looked just like simple checkers (or draughts as we call it in the UK), nevertheless, it drew quite a crowd. I can only assume a little gambling was occuring on the side. The only difference I noticed was their board had 12x12 squares.

As per usual, I sketched the doodle during in the lunch hour and later coloured it using paintshop. After I doodled, I felt in the mood to practice a little verse."

"Chequers & Smoke" (ink on paper/digital colouring)

The chequers players

In blue heat biding time, no place to go
I'm wandering down south serangoon road,
Indian quarter, chromium blue on
turmeric walls, cinnabar sparks of white
shirted crowds, making moves, crouching across
buttons on rude chequered boards, criss-crossing
ivory tokens and saffron pawns
on a confinement of squares, the choking
cigarettes concentrated murmers
and stares, cut the intensity with
a keen cleaving blade. one mishap
and victory is around the corner
losing itself in a fog of grey smoke.