Friday, September 15, 2006

Topic #19--"Voice" Entry

An excellent entry from Ian!

He says, "Absent-mindedly playing around with this idea, I ended up with the whispering pair and thought they looked a bit ethnic. I imagined them in bold primary colours on an urban wall, advertising some festival or multicultural exhibition. So where would I see such a thing?

In London, I spent a ludicrous amount of time standing on tube station platforms waiting for trains. There are two things that relieve the boredom of tube travel - advertising artwork and buskers. Busking was illegal during my time in London, I'm not sure about thesedays. Being illegal meant that performers ability on their chosen instrument was varied; you didn't get gifted musicians so much as ones who didn't mind getting arrested. Since then, I have lived in places where it is legal - and organised! - and the difference in quality is amazing.

Though I have no desire to go back to London to live I still have fond memories of the place and I suppose I can't help drawing tunnels, trains and buskers."