Monday, October 09, 2006

Topic #23--"Brown" Entry

From Ascenderrisesabove!

Title: Sepia Draft
Medium: Photo, Photoshop
Date: 10.09.06

In the parlour with drawn curtains
lay the man with the gold watch-chain,
pennied eyes and Sunday suit,
smiling with considerable care;
the man who fathered eight children
and lived in a two-bedroomed terrace;
who walked in darkness to the steel-works
and walked in darkness back;

the man who silenced generations of
children with scrutiny over steel spectacles;
who taught himself Latin while Grannie
listened to others ranting about war;

the man who walked on Sundays
past the black mountain to look
at Welsh green valleys; the man
who never remembered my name.

Grandfather by Linda James"