Sunday, November 26, 2006

Topic #29--"Birds" Entry

From Windyangel (Wendy)!:

"I was asked by a friend to do some Christmas cards. This is more challenging. I have to do something she'll like. A couple of the things she likes are birds and outdoors. She chose the papers. I didn't have any photos of winter birds. I decided to do this picture from some clipart I had. I did it my own way.

Anyway, I was quite scared about the drawing. It's not really something I do very often or very well. I was pleased though. Even if Jen doesn't care for it, the drawing was good practice. And once again I was reminded that though I couldn't find something I was looking for at the last minute - my good pencil crayons, sometimes it works out better. I used mostly the water soluble caran d'ache. YES, the blending was perfect.

I love birds. Chickadees are birds that I commonly see and hear. This winter I'll try to get photos. They are very tame. I've heard of people feeding them from hand. Beautiful chickadees."