Thursday, February 01, 2007

Topic #38--"Memory" Entry

From Brandie!:

I bet you couldn't guess that my beloved grandparents would be the subjects in "My Favorite Memory". They are such a big inspiration to me... always have been. I have many more words than pictures... so I just seem to use the same photos over and over... Aren't they lovely though... what a cute couple.

The Words in this Piece:

There is a Grandma side and a Grandpa side...


People tell me I look like you, your smile, your eyes, your manorisms. Could I be this beautiful? Your days would begin early, when it was still dark outside. After checking on me to make sure I was still asleep you would begin your day. I will forever remember the smells and the noises always coming from the kitchen. I recall the "erands" you would run to people who needed you. You would bring them food or just visit with people who needed company. I am unsure that I have your beauty, but I only hope to have inherited your heart. You are my constant inspiration and my heart breaks every single time I see you. I LOVE YOU.


After all these years you still break my heart everytime you enter my head. Your memory is in everything I do, My kids, My marraige, My Art, you are so much of who I am. I find so much comfort in the knowledge that your love is unconditional. I am perfect in your eyes. My mistakes past and present do not exist. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by your presence tears come and I have to catch my breath. It's as if the wind has been knocked out of me. PLEASE I want to believe that I will see you again one day, even if only for a minute, just to sit next to your chair and hold your hand for hours. Just as I did the last time I saw you. I MISS YOU-I LOVE YOU.

This piece was created on a 6.5 x 9.5 vintage calendar page. I used a copy of a picture of my grandparents, gesso, acrylic paint, various images including me on a lawn chair when I was pretty tiny, graphite, and lots of vintage papers.

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