Sunday, February 25, 2007

Topic #42--"Poetry" Entry

From Cookala (Eileen)!:


O, to be a tree in the dusky hills of Provence
crowned with a coronet of leaves, holding court
in the middle of a scent-drenched field, my roots
tucked under a lavender comforter. There is the sky
for mirth and birdsong to lullaby a noonday snooze.

And there, up on the hill, sits a cottage
propped against the sky. It’s weather-worn stone
ashen with age, its shutters and doors silvered;
scarlet roses scale its walls and windflowers
waffle around its foundations as the day exhales.

And in the evening, threads of chimney smoke
embroider a path to the stars while crickets chirp
and the owl hoots. O, to have this time
of purple and blue.

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