Thursday, March 29, 2007

Topic #46--"Kiss" Entry

From Tricia!:

7x12----the base is a cover of an old book

"This photograph is one that I have had for years now in a folder, tucked away. It is a copy of the original I restored for an old boyfriend's grandmother years ago. This is the grandmother, Pearl, and her then boyfriend who would later be called PopPop by their many grandchildren. I loved Pearl and when that long relationship ended with me wanting to move back to Virginia, I missed his family more than I did him. Especially Pearl. We would take trips into Atlantic City (the boyfriend and I were in Pt. Pleasant, NJ) and I would watch her play the slot machines. What a fun, spunky woman! I find that as I get older---I have my 35th birthday very soon---and my thoughts turn to aging I think of her and feel encouraged. She was such an amazing woman who didn't let a small thing like age stand in her way.
On the art piece I tore a few pages from an old book and one had the handwritten words "Mary E. Bailey" so I glued it on. I also used wallpaper, acrylic paints and oil pastels. Charcoal pencil. Crepe paper-my first attempt at a rosette. Words clipped from several old books. "She walked between the avenue of young trees for a short distance. "Friendship is not enough," he said."

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