Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Topic #49--"Dinner" Entry

From L.M.!:

"Another student painting from the vault. Not strictly a "dinner" subject however please note the cut pear on the plate. where's the cheese I hear you mutter...why she's here, I am the cheese. this work resides behind the computer that I am using this very moment...hence the strange assortment of objects at the bottom of the photo.
Info about the work...not much to tell.
This work is from my Graduation exhibition called "Teaparty Times" and without boring you to tears with a lot of conceptual tripe it is loosely about "Alice in Wonderland" and her relationship with the cat. Amongst the paintings and installations was a looped video I made. A good friend (Tony Bond) played the part of Sigmund Freud and he commented on the hidden symbolism of the characters at the Mad Hatter's teaparty. My son, Adam played the dormouse as a seedy nightclub entertainer telling endless and bad 'pink' jokes. Every so often a short sequence showing me in bed with my Russian blue (a breed of cat yer ning nongs) and me in my birthday suit would cut into the ongoing and nonsensical teaparty.
My poor, now deceased Albanian Nonno, nearly choked watching me flaunt it all in the name of art. In the background, "Think Pink" played (from one of my favourite Audrey and Fred movies). Was I, am I ashamed? Nah..."

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