Thursday, May 03, 2007

Topic #51--"Botanical" Entry

From Mary Ann!:

"it’s a snap that i digitally altered. after work today, i did not go straight home. i found myself driving toward the local public gardens. there’s roughly a month left of school & so many meetings & paperwork to get through. so as a treat to myself, i headed over to the gardens to unwind * de-stress* before going home. i always like to go there to get a quick pick-me-up.

spring came sort of late this year as the gardens seemed to be still in the process of “awakening”. i noticed there were many bare spots & trees still yet to bud as i meandered down the brick pathways. however, the tulips were in full bloom, actually past their peak. i still, though, thoroughly enjoyed their cheerful presence. it won’t be too long until the gardens will “fill out” and burst forth with all sorts of enchantments & wondrous beauty.

fortunately, the sun was still shining and the wind, breezy. i found great comfort in my little excusion through the gardens. it gave me a chance to quiet my mind, which earlier had been bombarded with thoughts of work & personal commitments, & to slow down. it was lovely to just be. & to appreciate all that was around me. after about an hour or so, i was ready to go home.

i had entered the gardens rather tense and tired. but when i left there, i felt a sense of calm and serenity. all was good again in my world. that little botanical detour where i tiptoed through the tulips was just exactly what i needed. taking time to slow down really does a world a good. try it next time you feel out of sorts. "

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