Thursday, June 01, 2006

Topic #4--"Curiosity" Entry

Many thanks to Audrey for this darling entry.

She says, "Curiosity: having a desire to investigate and learn. As soon as I saw what the word for the week was at Artwords I immediately thought of this little girl image. She just looks so fascinated and curious about the little butterfly. Makes me think of Montana when he is outside playing and how he wants to investigate every little thing...the dirt, a blade of grass, a leaf, a butterfly, a flower etc. He just stares at everything curiously and then takes it apart to find out more or to see how it works or what it is made of. Children are so free spirited and innocent and full of wonder...hard for me to believe that I was once a child and full of wonder about the things I now take for granted. Maybe next time I will be curious and investigate things with Montana"