Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Topic #5--"Play" Entry

I am learning from you wonderful ladies left and right! Here is a very thought-provoking entry from Liz.

She says, "the theme was "play" and it made me think about how i so often play along and go by the rules in my life AND in my art and that sometimes maybe that's not what is right for me. i think sometimes it's ok to break the rules--as long as no one is hurt. when i do something in a different way, try something out that is not the norm for me, i discover things about myself i had no idea were there. i can feel myself start to question more, think about things more openly and have more courage to try out the ideas that come to me. i guess it's all part of growing as a person and an artist--recognising things that keep coming back and acting on them in the best way i can."