Sunday, June 11, 2006

Topic #5--"Play" Entry

Look at all of these wonderful colors and layers! Many thanks Zorana!

She says, "I have been thinking about the word play for days... and was getting very frustrated with myself. It shouldn't be so difficult. Is it possible that I forgot how to play? Sometimes I think that all I do is just that - play... but that makes me depressed because you are not supposed to play all the time at 41. On the other hand I have to overthink everything... whether what I created is good enough, what can I do to make it better, when will I stop pretending to be an artist (usually after spending too much time looking at other blogs and websites)... And the 'biggest' thought of all - why bother when I'll never be Leonardo... The answer is simple - because I have to... I love to create... it is fun and challenging and interesting... And this gets me to the topic of PLAY. The workshop I attended yesterday was the right medicine for me - play with colors, textures, materials, pictures... everything. Unleash your creativity and enjoy your art! PLAY! And I did - I created this colorful page with dyed paper towels and other things, I stitched, doodled, colored, stamped... played like a kid and decided that it's okay not to be Leonardo."