Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Topic #9--"Whisper" Entry

Many thanks to Himavant for this stunning entry!

She says, "Whisper. This is not an easy theme to work on. It took me days to get idea what to create.

Last night it came to me the concept behind whisper -- in my interpretation. Something mysterious. Although it can be something romantic too. But I thought about the notion of gossip more, what people talk.

Then I came up with whisper over dinner. There's a black plate, looks formal, but empty. And three lips represent three kinds of whisper.

The red one with apples is the seducing lip. Whisper to seduce.

The half lip with snake head is the evil lip. Whisper to provoke. I also call it swallowing.

And finally, the lip with morning mist is the soothing lip. Whisper to soothe.

I call the work .seducing.swallowing.soothing."