Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Topic #8--"Minimalism" Entry

Thank you Liz for this fantastic entry and commentary!

She says, " i'm not sure this qualifies!!?!!--but is about as close to the theme as i can get! i'm struggling to try and combine my artwork with journal writing--i feel frustrated because i SO admire people like teesha moore and anahata katkin who make their journals SUCH works of art in their own right--i seem to have to do either art on a page or write on it--not both!! it has been bothering me for awhile that i seem to have this block--but-- i think i've decided to just go with it for now and solve the dilemma by having 2 journals to work in side by side. sometimes everything i want to say can be conveyed in a piece of work ...and sometimes i just NEED to get my thoughts down on paper without worrying about the art that might accompany them. so for now , that is what i'm going to do. my guess is that one form will become more appealing and important to me and that is the direction i will go in--just like the quote in this piece, i will learn to spend my life in my own way."