Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Topic #7--"Transformation" Entry

Welcome Gillian! This entry is stunning--many thanks for this contribution!

She says, "This is a digital image I was inspired to do especially for the theme of 'Transformation' on the Art Words blog. I see beauty in decay, and always seek out the most mundane things to photograph. I have been known to snap puddles, old coke cans, hinges, torn posters, door knobs, weathered doors, timber end grain and have even stooped for some time over an interesting drain that had yellow parking restriction lines painted over it. I used to be quite self-conscious in the early days, but few people ever even give you a sideways glance!

For me transformation means the way things change as they age and that includes me, I'm afraid. Rust and peeling paint can make better pictures than any Jackson Pollock or Damien Hurst. Just add rain, sunlight, air, wind and salt-spray to any surface and time will work it's magic. I love it!"