Friday, June 16, 2006

Topic #6--"Secret" Entry

Thank you Mary Ann for another thought-provoking entry!

She says, "'I'm the type of person who will share secrets with only those i feel & know i can trust >>> as soon as a secret is let out (& it becomes fodder for gossip-mongers!)...then that trust is undeniably broken...the way i see it, secrets are only for those who really know how to keep them safe & secure...& certainly are not for the weak!

there are times, particulary lately, that it just takes me a little bit longer than usual before something creative comes forth from me...

like the piece that i have here...i originally was going to have the collage go in the vertical plane, rather than the horizontal as it is here. & i was all set to start adhering my torn pieces of handmade paper, lace (which i just got from judy s.! *smile*), herringbone ribbon, metal hearts, stamped image (from paper artsy, btw) & various alpha/word/butterfly stickers...but something told me {my "art angel" perhaps?} to see what would happen if i turned the gold matboard horizontally. it was as if the "lightblub" clicked on!>>> my "a-ha!" moment, if you will, because that position was not what i originally had in mind when i first started this piece!

& i'm so glad i listened to that little voice inside, nudging me along...i rather liked how this came out...& you know, i never know how exactly a piece will turn out...until the very end, when that same little voice has me nodding in approval"