Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Topic #20--"Confession" Entry

A warm welcome to Palasandra from Spain!

She says, "I had been thinking about the saying 'Confession is good for the soul' My only confessions in my life have been in my prayers and to one extremely wonderful friend. I am however ever more aware that since becoming ill and the severity of the operations I've had recently (with more to come) I have a need to pour out my heart, for good or bad.
A cleansing of the soul, and I am not alone in this respect..I have known many people do the same, it's a sensation that comes from within, and develops into a powerful need. I visited a spiritual sanctuary recently and I cleansed my soul with a vengeance, (although that wasn't why I was there). It was the most powerful and enlightening thing I have ever experienced, so the saying is right...confession is good for the soul."