Friday, September 29, 2006

Topic #21--"Miniature" Entry

From Amanda--brilliant!

" Little Red Book of the Body
Dim. (closed) 5cm x4.7cm; (open) 5x28cm
For Artwords this week I am submitting a miniature concertina book. It is really a maquette for an artists book I am working on and will be part of my MFA work investigating impermanence. The finished book will have quite a different feel from this miniature. For the final piece I will use more fragile paper and the covers will be translucent porcelain. I am thinking of dipping the paper in wax to give it a preserved "feel". I am also planning to use solvent transfers for the imagery to create a more mysterious and aged effect.

So...this little miniature is really nothing much like the final version will be, except for the imagery. It has been a great opportunity to play around with the layout and lots of fun!"