Thursday, September 28, 2006

Topic #21--"Miniature" Entry

Wow--a collection of fine miniatures from Johnnynorms:

"My usual artworks are littl'uns that most people would regard as being miniature. This is because it's grown out of doodling in the margins, and I just won't stop using that biro. I run a series of even smaller almost-overlooked 'mini masterpieces' and have dubbed it 'School of Miniscule'. Here is a spread of my favourite ones.

To get a rough estimate of scale, look out for the one in the middle with a paper punch-hole. (It's next to the little crittur under a magnifying glass.) I find interesting the way that putting tiny things on the computer can make them massive, and gives a really intimate close-up of the line and texture. I used to blow them up (sorry, enlarge them!) on a photocopier which would magnify every ink splotch."