Saturday, October 14, 2006

Topic #23--"Brown" Entry

From Joan!:

"This painting was done specifically for this weeks 'artwords' challenge.
It is titled "When you look at me..."
When you look at me, do you see what I see?...
Do you look beyond my chestnut skin... go much deeper, look within
To see a woman who's thoughts run deep, and who's heart runs deeper still
A woman of strength and kindness and love...
A woman with an iron will
A woman so proud of who she is and all that she has done
Or do you look at me and see much more, and then feel the need to run...
When you look at me, just look at me
and see all that I am ... woman, sister, a kindred soul
Someone you may call 'friend'.
This piece is 8"x8" on Arches watercolor paper.
It was done in watercolor, pastel and archival ink.
And here's a thumbnail if you'd like a closer look."