Sunday, November 26, 2006

Topic #30--"Window" Entry

From Brandie!:

"She looks like she's looking at me saying: "One false move and I'm gone." I think she's lonely, like there are no other kids around... forced to entertain herself day in and day out... and she dreams of running away. She'll run to a place not so desolate, someplace populated where she can make some friends, and not be alone anymore.

I hope she finds her place.

This piece was created on 4 x 4 clayboard. I had this piece of clayboard sitting on my work table for a long time. Whenever I use walnut ink there is always some left over, so rather than just letting it dry out, I brushed it on this little piece of clayboard... This became the background for this piece, layers and layers of walnut ink... It is a deep brown color. I will with different consistencies of walnut ink... sometimes very thin sometimes very pasty... so many layers of different textures were applied to this piece. Well you know I used walnut ink on this one, I also used acrylic paint, copies of vintage photos and vintage book pages."