Sunday, December 31, 2006

Topic #34--"Begin" Entry

From Brandie! Please be sure to visit her blog for the full post:

"I learned recently that my Great Great Grandmother was a single mother. Of course this collage is a direct attack aimed towards my great grandfathers father, whoever he may be. She never married, and she gave her child, my great grandfather James Butcher her maiden name. At first I was... contemplating the fact that one little twist of fate could have given me a different last name! That may have saved me from a few nicknames I would have gladly done without... There are definitely worse names out there in that respect though.

I do know that this man was a deserter... he didn't die, that would be the one viable excuse... he left her. I don't know much more if anything else about him.

And when I think deeper, I think of what it must have been like for her. How did she support herself and her baby. James Butcher was deaf, when did she discover this? How hard it must have been. Hopefully she was surrounded by friends and family."