Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Topic #35--"Graffiti" Entry

From Tricia!:

"I struggled with coming up for a submission this week. Everyday I planned on heading to our downtown area to look for graffiti on the older buildings but something would come up, a playdate for Olivia or rain.

So...This morning I remembered a photograph I had taken at least ten years ago, black and white film, manual 35mm Nikon. After going through the closets I found her-My mannequin head photo! I always knew someday I would do something with her. She has been with me through many moves...Atlanta, New Jersey and several places in Virginia. She is a large print-8x10 on 11x14 paper so not easy to stuff in a drawer.
After I scanned her in I tried to think of inspirational things I tell myself and then using different fonts in Photoshop I placed type over her face and gave her green eyes.
In case this would be helpful...I downloaded a bunch of new fonts last night."