Friday, January 05, 2007

Topic #34--"Begin" Entry

From Tricia! Be sure to visit her blog for the full post.:
"Open Your Heart"

"I picked up her pencil and just played. Sketchpad propped up on heating pad...How fun! I found that I like this feeling of Doodling! Swirls, circles and dots! Oh my! I haven't done the pencil and paper thing since I was in middle school probably.

After I ended up with an image I liked I came/stumbled downstairs, scanned it in and using Photoshop increased the contrast. (My pencil marks were too light. Maybe I should have gone over the lines in pen but I was afraid of messing it up.) I changed the hue to a brownish/sepia and added red to the two hearts and a bit of blush to her cheeks....

i never would have drawn this if i weren't in bed is funny. my motto for the new year----"roll with it!"