Monday, January 01, 2007

Topic #34--"Begin" Entry

From Palasandra!:

"This has been posted for a reason, it is not something I would normally want people to see, but it is part of a project called Begin, and I felt this was apt. Both .hips fractured, reasons hips and 4 operations later...I am able to walk..a little unsteady..but I walk. People look at me and say "You donĀ“t look like your ill, why do you need a crutch?" I get fed up with it and would love to show them this, I had to begin to learn the things I could do and will never do again, to adapt to the pain. The operations on the right hip have not been that successful. So people out there appearances can be deceptive, and when you see me soon with my arm strapped up, remember this photo. I can sympathise with Dr House in every way. Happy New Year."