Thursday, January 11, 2007

Topic #35--"Graffiti" Entry

From Ian!:

end war & fly : felt pen, paintshop, photo montage

When my brother and I built the first man-carrying flying machine we thought that we were introducing into the world an invention which would make further wars practically impossible. (Orville Wright, 1917)

"It's a reworking of an old collage I knocked together in the old '20six' blogging days to illustrate a post about a walk, but this time I'm using my own graffiti. I couldn't think what to write; my rebel days are over! Then I discovered the bloke I'd selected for the old montage was one of the Wright Bros., so a quote about flying might be good.

I just hope I don't get to stand in the corner of class in Street Art School on my first day! I'd see it everyday in London but these sticktowns don't go in for it much so the internet came in handy. I heard there were tags and things but most of it that isn't Banksy looks similar, I'm guessing here but I think the style evolved from a need for speed and the controllability factor of aerosol. But it was fun."

The 'office' door was my own photo taken in the derelict part of gloucester docks, the wall was extruded from this image using paintshop. I only used one brother before as it was a loner's walk but here they are together, Orville and the other one...Wilbur!