Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Topic #37--"Wind" Entry

From Ian!:

wind mind : mixed media
(graphite, watercolour pencils, torn paper, montage & digital colouring)

"The quartermaster wrestles with a sail, a job made more difficult because he is a third drunk and one sheet to the wind. If he'd carried on drinking he'd have been half cut; if you ever go to sea you have to have a good grip on your fractions! I doodled the sailor while number crunching at work one day and never got around to using him - he languished in the doldrums that is the trash can archive section I now call the ideas attic.

The flying fish I was trying to draw from memory - I now it's on an album cover or something but even that I can't remember! It's more of a flying marlin. Umbrellas are a subconscious symbol as any doodlist will know. The torn paper is a copy of my 3H blog which I inadvertently printed off at work - I don't know how it happened, I must have clicked a shortcut key with a fat thumb or something. Luckily it flagged up that it was printing the entire blog and luckily it was only the one copy! Computers will be the death of me."