Sunday, February 04, 2007

Topic #39--"Breath" Entry

From Brandie!:

"Being on the brink of depression is quite scary... for me it's like I kind of feel numb, like I am so heavy nothing could pick me up, unimportant or non-existent. Well she is on that brink, but all she has to do is lean over a bit, walk through that doorway, Just one breath away... just breath.

This was the perfect theme for me. Unbelievable.. it's almost like Susan was thinking of me when she gave us this prompt. This has been a trying weekend. I have found my self taking many deep breaths, and thinking to myself, "Just Breath".

This piece was created on 6 x 6 in clayboard. I used vintage images, acrylic paint, walnut ink, clayboard ink, graphite, and vintage papers."

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