Sunday, February 11, 2007

Topic #40--"Heart" Entry

From Karen C.!:

"I've been naming most of my posts after the art work title, but this one is named after the journey. My intention was to do something neat in Karen O's calendar journal in honor of St Valentine's Day ... but this piece seemed to take on a life if it's own. It always starts with a bad choice LOL The background was bleeeecccckk! Our journal prompt this month was "I am Blue" ... so I went with blue as my second choice.

And please everyone ...
do not faint or be alarmed ...

I used wings, which I rarely ever do, but it seemd fitting this time. Never did I imagine in a million years that the heart would be a symbol for me and yet everytime I use it, something extraordinary comes out when I get the paint out.

Oh I wish this piece would have been in my stay at home journal; it has special meaning to me ... but who am I to argue with my muse?"

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