Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Topic #49--"Dinner" Entry

From Tricia!:

"This one was a tough-ey. The theme for this week is "dinner." I had the last post without a vintage image so I knew only that I wanted to use one this time. This piece, unlike the last art piece, was made very quickly. I am not sure I like the colors at all but I am drawn to the face of this little girl. She is a copy from an old tin type. With these images found either on ebay or at an estate sale or someplace like that there is such a sense of mystery. What was her name? What was her life like? Was she happy? She reminds me somehow of myself as a child.
And thinking of dinner---what is your favorite? If I am ordering out, I will chose sushi every time. At home I love to make curry dishes and dishes from other countries, especially the vegetarian ones. Do you ever do breakfast for dinner? We do and that is a fave! Olivia is saying her favorite dinner is black bean soup.
What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner?"

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