Saturday, April 28, 2007

Topic #50--"Woman" Entry

From Wendy!:

"I have chosen this stamped image photo of Greg's Auntie Dot, a wonderful lady. There is also some old german writing which I turned into a stamped image. I especially like the idea of "soft yet strong" for woman. I think this portrays much in only a few simple words. Some of the words I've chosen are not quite as universal - such as "exotic" but "beautiful" fits the majority - beautiful inside and out. If you think you are not beautiful - I would ask you to think again. I think you are beautiful. And there are probably many others who think so too, even though they neglect to tell you.
Collage on watercolour - acrylic background. Letters for "woman" are from the very creative "Artsyfran"

"Oh beautiful woman -
Love yourself".

Angels be with you."

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