Friday, May 19, 2006

Topic #2--"Balance" Entry

Check out this very cool altered photograph from Lolly! She definitely has some words of wisdom for us:

"Balance. A very hard thing to achieve, in any part of your life! I've always liked to think that this quaint old couple somehow had managed a balance in their lives with each other: to graciously accept - to relent a little; to support - to cry on the other's shoulder; to be strong - to relax; to encourage - to reign in; knowing when to speak, and when to be quiet... you know, I don't really consider myself to be a romantic, but maybe I am a closet one LOL!

I was also pleased at having done this piece, because it meant a better balance in my approach to my creative endeavours; I did not try to make this the most perfect of all pieces ever - which is usually what I think I have to do every time I sit down at my desk! As you all know so well, there's no greater barrier to letting the creative juices flow than thinking it has to be PEEEERFECTT!!!!!!!!! And so, I am happy that I just did this - a copy of a photo, simply altered with colour pencils. Who knows, maybe another time I'll think to take this a step further... I've already made the first step and it wasn't painful LOL!"