Saturday, September 30, 2006

Topic #21--"Miniature" Entry

Windyangel's magical fairy house and furniture!

"I was recalling my most favourite magazine of the recent past, Victoria. I believe I only missed one or two of the magazines in the entire time it was being published. I feel proud to own this treasure. I was very touched by one particular story of someone that made tiny houses and furniture from objects of nature. They were building homes for fairies and enjoyed putting them in places throughout their yard that were somewhat hidden. This is my first attempt with found items. They are quite fragile. The table actually lost one of its legs after I'd finished the photo shoot. I used bark, thin tree branches, flower petals (dried), tiny viola flowers, hollyhock flower and seedhead, and some old grape vine pieces. The top right hand photo shows a forest of grass so you can get some idea of the size. The photos were taken by some moss on our front walk.
Dear fairy friends..."