Thursday, November 09, 2006

Topic #27--"Red" Entry

Welcome to Tricia! Her entry!:

"This piece was done using a wooden frame from Michaels Craft Store, you know, the $1 ones...and I first gessoed, then painted with acrylics (red, gold, green, black and white), stamped with black ink, added a birdie image, some scrabble letters, a small metal charm that says "joy", and some metal hardware circles found in my step-dad's garage. Inside the frame are 4 of the 1 inch square cards I played with another day, not knowing at the time what I was going to do with them. Behind the small squares is a piece of watercolor paper that was painted using the same acrylics. I actually painted the paper to use for another project but I like how it works here and I have enough paper still to do something else with it too. I am just now starting to use my paints to make my own papers (thank you marni for the inspiration!) instead of always using the scrapbook paper from the store. I also enjoyed working in the square format of the frame and of the small art pieces."