Saturday, November 11, 2006

Topic #27--"Red" Entry

From Ian!:

"little refugees : (pencil doodle with digital colouring)

actually i've carried this image around for a long time. for reasons i've forgotten, one of our haunts at school was the library. i don't think it was the attraction of books so much as it was a long, narrow room which faced broadsides to the south, hence the sun made it the least depressing corner in the whole place.

so this one time i found a magazine lying around with an article on refugee camps and the cover depicted two young boys, one sipping something from a huge tin cup while the other looked on in expectation of his turn. i'm pretty sure they were bangladeshi kids in the photo but it really seems to be a recurring global problem so my kids are from no particular place. one little detail i liked in the original picture was the impression the cup was too hot and someone had torn a rough square from a cardboard box for the kid to hold it with.

anyway, back in the library i remember doing a pencil sketch of the image which i kept but somewhere between then and here it got lost with the rest of my childhood drawings. this version is a lunchtime doodle which i've tidied up and coloured in using paintshop."