Friday, December 01, 2006

Topic #30--"Windows" Entry

From Laura!:

"Their Story"

Ruth, Ann and Cherie, three childhood friends, formed the unique singing trio "The Misses Dennis", headed to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune. Upon arriving they settled in a quaint apartment building in Mid-Wilshire that was very reminiscent of their hometown of New York. Although the girls were close in age and had formed a bond throught their mutual love of music, each one had different qualities that made them unique:
Ruth - "The Proud Princess" Though not a true descendant of any royal bloodline she considered herself above the ordinary, mundane and everyday. She vowed never to date a man she felt was beneath her discriminating and regal tastes. She lamented that her being a hopeless romantic would eventually result in selecting the wrong suitor.

Ann -"A Daughter of Eve"Ann's mother Eve, an avid gardener, would plop little Ann into her wheelbarrow and tote her around the garden as she worked. Birds chirping, bees humming and the early nightsong of crickets instilled a love of nature's sounds which later influenced her calling to music and singing.

Cherie - "Queen of Hearts" Loving, caring, bookish, the "Earth Mother" of the trio. Voted by the other two girls to undeniably be the first to settle down in a "respectable" manner with a husband and family. The true heart of the trio and always ready with a kind word or inspiring quote when needed.

Artist's Notes:

Although "their story" exists in my imagination, I believe it could be true, don't you? This collage started out as an 11x14 watercolor board panel which was then layered up with various acrylic paints, gesso, cheesecloth (for the peeling paint detail) photo details are handpainted, custom stencil shaded in the muted window frames, vintage text titles, matte gel medium sealer over all. Vintage trim, seam binding and beautiful vintage buttons from my "stash" completed the piece.