Monday, November 27, 2006

Topic #30--"Window" Entry

Another beauty from Karen O.!:

Soul on the Window

With all these beautiful photos of windows and doors from Europe, I have plenty of inspiration for playing in Photoshop. Still pondering the artword of the week, window, I put this digital collage together. The words in the collage are a poem by my favorite poet, Emily Dickinson. Here is the poem.

BEFORE I got my eye put out,
I liked as well to see
As other creatures that have eyes,
And know no other way.

But were it told to me, to-day,
That I might have the sky
For mine, I tell you that my heart
Would split, for size of me.

The meadows mine, the mountains mine,--
All forests, stintless stars,
As much of noon as I could take
Between my finite eyes.

The motions of the dipping birds,
The lightning's jointed road,
For mine to look at when I liked,--
The news would strike me dead!

So, safer, guess, with just my soul
Upon the window-pane
Where other creatures put their eyes,
Incautious of the sun.