Friday, January 12, 2007

Topic #35--"Graffiti" Entry

Welcome to Silver! His entry (be sure to check out his blog for the full post)!:

"Hm, well, I don't do graffiti in the dictionary sense of "drawing or writing on public property," and I don't even live in an area with an active graffiti base of that nature. So I thought I'd have to pass on this week's topic, but as the first submissions were posted on the site, I realized I only had to (pardon the term) think outside the box...or beyond the concrete wall, as it were. It dawned on me that much of my collage art and even my layer-painted paper is somewhat similar to graffiti in that so much of it is built up in layers, one layer working over the top of a previous and sometimes cancelling out what had come before. I really enjoy that grunge style. So leaning on that sense of the term, I hereby jump into Artwords with this graffiti-styled altered book spread which I call "Finish Line."