Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Topic #37--"Wind" Entry

From Helene!:

mixed media art squared on paper

price: 25 euros( shipping cost included)

this is also made for the artword challenge of the week: Wind

the writing says:
"so many flowers & no one to give them to maybe I'll become bitter & keep them for my tomb & the wind will take all my beauties away xxx"

The tree is in the wind,the torment of the wind, maybe the spiritual hurricanes again, coming to shake the evil out or to just to carry away the last hopes.

the stars are black for nothing shines anymore.
It's not desperate, it's almost realistic though very melancholic...I know if we look outside and even inside on some days we can see the ugliness everywhere, creeping in the meanders of this human existence.

I am not there to bring that philosophy of despair here, it was more venting ,creating as a solace.

I'll be okay in the end.