Thursday, March 01, 2007

Topic #42--"Poetry" Entry

From Peggi!:

"My favorite all-time poet is Robert Louis Stevenson - I loved having his poems read to me when I was a child; and later, when I grew up, I enjoyed reading them again - to my own children (and yes, sometimes even to myself late at night when I can't sleep =) ... This poem in particular, entitled "To Any Reader" is my very favorite. In my very old copy of "A Child's Garden of Verses" this one is the poem I would ask my mom to read to me over and over again ... very sentimental, I know, but Stevenson's poetry does do that to me ... Oh well =) Anyway, I've included a pic of my childhood home in St. Louis and a copy of pictures of me when I was little and being happily spoiled rotten in the Lou (the handsome young man behind me in the photo on the sliding board is my wonderful big bro)."

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