Monday, November 13, 2006

Topic #28--"Story" Entry

From Brandie!:

"I love the way this man looks so clean cut, neat and orderly, a very tidy person, and yet everything around him is such a mess. He has some definite skeletons lurking in the shadows... or at least I hope so...

I didn't realize until it was ready for the collage, but a piece of a dictionary used says.. Parker Bu.......
This is a remnant of a dictionary that belonged to my grandfather, Parker Butcher. I almost didn't use it. I was very close to choosing a piece to replace it. My heart broke as I held it inches from the glued surface that would be it's permanent home. It was pulled out of the depth of vintage ephemera in my collection seemingly at random, but maybe he handed it to me for use in this fabulous piece. hmm lovely thought, a warm lovely thought, gotta love those.

I created this piece on 5 x 5 inch clayboard. I used copies of vintage photographs, pieces of a vintage cigar ad, a vintage dictionary, acrylic paint, matte medium, and walnut ink. Oh... and tiny pieces of archival scotch tape. (how clever)."