Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Topic #48--"Chair" Entry

A big welcome to Miriam! Her entry!:

"I've been having a lot of fun playing w/ tissue paper...I think I said this in a fairly recent previous post...I keep thinking of more things that I would like to jump off w/ it than what I am currently doing, but alas, I think of these things kind of late at night when I'm winding down and I don't want to get into "anotherhugeproject". If I was single I would think nothing of staying up late and doing it anyway...but those days are long gone. So I have to record them to memory instead and wait to give them a home. Currently I have several boxes and what nots that I'm covering in tissue and experimenting with this that and the other. I'm realizing that I got so "stuck" in painting that I forgot about all the fun things I used to do like this... To boot, I've never been much for being the artist that drew all the time like my old teacher used to advise. It is true, you get better the more you practice, but drawing always has kind of worn me down... This tissue paper thing has somewhat the immediacy of what I crave but the "practicing" element that I'm missing from drawing, too. Then I think maybe I think too much about it. ;)

Anyway, I've been intrigued by artwords but have never tried to participate in a challenge. This week I told myself I would do it no matter what....
The topic is "Chair".
Immediately it made me think of my old art teacher (yep, same one) who had us do a self portrait as a chair. Back....Lord, fifteen years ago???...I remember thinking immediately I would know what kind of chair would represent me. A big huge overstuffed chair that was a patchwork extravaganza. I still have the drawing somewhere...I'll post it if I ever run across it. By the end of it I wondered if I was really so "out there" as the chair had turned out. Was I really so colorful? It's hard to say. I am more subdued today, but I fancy I'm rather comfortable.


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