Monday, November 13, 2006

Topic #28--"Story" Entry

From Tricia! Be sure to visit her full post by clicking on her link in the comment section of the original topic post.:

"First I copied a photo of my grandmother, Melva. I never met her; she was murdered when my mom was nineteen. By my grandfather...but that is another story...Anyway... I have stared at this photo more times than I can count trying to get a feeling for who she was and it felt a bit strange to use the image in this way but as I went through my photos it was the eyes that held me, and the uncomplicated dark background, the scratches and folds. So I decided that for today she would be "Vera". Next I found a bit of writing I had done a few months back. I thought they might work together. I glued the photo to a square of black textured cardstock, adding photo corners. Next I glued the cardstock to some wallpaper scraps. I wrote Vera's story around her image and then sewed that to two pieces of gessoed duck cloth left over from a rug project 7 years ago-so glad to have found a use for it! (Funny how it can be a good thing sometimes to be a packrat!)
The definition of "coward" was cut out and added. Vera's lips and hair ribbon were colored in and she was outlined in white. For that I used a white china marker. Chandelier prisms that I just found this morning at a local salvage yard were added along the bottom, a pink ribbon attached to the top for hanging.
As you read Vera's story imagine her speaking in the husky voice of a woman who has smoked for thirty odd years......a tired, slow voice............."