Sunday, November 19, 2006

Topic #28--"Story" Entry

From Zorana!:

"The story here is not about the giant bird towering over trees, with little creatures floating around and a boot standing in her way. (Now that I wrote it, it sounds like it could be some kind of story there.) But no, this is a love story and I'm writing it because this blog is my little journal and I want to remember some sweet moments.
Yesterday my daughter was showing me what they did in their math class and left the paper on the table. What choice do you have with a piece of paper sitting in front of you but to doodle? So that's what I did - mindlessly doodled filling the page with lines. The funny thing is - my husband saw it this morning and loved my doodle so much that he scanned it, enlarged and printed on good paper. He even placed it over an existing painting (in a frame not shaped for it). Then he stood there and admired it, as it is the most precious piece of art.
Now - if that is not love, I don't know what is."